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Water Features

If you’re looking for a unique addition to your space, consider adding a water feature. From simple ponds to custom waterfalls, you can choose to design your waterscape or designs can be drawn for you. We also provide seasonal maintenance and repair services. 

Retaining Walls & Stone Columns

Flat spaces are important to us, up here in the mountains. Transform a slope into usable space by adding a block or stone retaining wall.  There are a wide variety of options in design and layout, which can all be altered according to your style. We also specialize in stone pillars and columns.

Natural Stone Patios

In addition to looking great, stone patios can add significant value to your home. With a variety of colors, patterns, and designs, there is sure to be an option to fit the style of your home. 

Stairs & Walkways

Create access to your favorite spaces with a walkway or stairway that adds both functionality and aesthetic value. From simple stepping stone paths to custom stone or wood stairways, we can work together to design something you'll love. 

Stone Fireplaces

Turn an outdated fireplace into a focal point by installing new stone. We also specialize in natural stone slab hearths and custom mantle installs.

Property Maintenance

Keep your property looking its best, even when you're away. Services include snow/ice removal, tree trimming, gutter maintenance, and general upkeep. Every season there is something to do around the the property, consider me to take take care of it for you! Services also include repairs to existing stone work and landscaping.

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